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  • Mood: Tired
It's been awhile since my last update. till alive here, been busy with family matter and work X,x; most of the time I always wish if i could just cloning myself so i can do all things together >~<

Some old story that i never heard in my family just pops out like bubble, mostly it pissed me off to the bones, but already happen.
and the new one is....people that we used to trust and cherish turn their back on my family and stab us on the back....and keep on stabbing...seems like they wont stop till we die >>;...all cause of money. one thing for sure this is nothing that can be solve by already move to the different level....

My house are getting renovation for the ceilings parts. seems that termites destroy some part of the ceilings soooo it has to be replace with new ones, dunno how long will it take to fix it since the contractor work slowly due to the weird season. At the end.....the renovation will reach my room...and when that happen....i might have to evacuate my computer out of the room >_<;....worse scenario of all.....i have to move it to my mom's room......'_____';;;;;;;;;

Sometimes it sucks to be the only one that my mother can depend on after my dad passed away...i have 2 siblings but sometimes i fell like they don't exist during bad times. as for relatives.....they all don't exist for me. so all i do is just hang on and deal with the problem in anyway i could. 'break down' is become regular things for me. good thing that i could find something to channel it, taking language classes in Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish.

As for work,.....getting closer to deadline and still....take me more time to be able to do my work lllllorz damn i'm way too slow......breaking down become regular to me....all i need to get back to my feet again is Chinese Kanji....i enjoy writing it,  every stroke of it helps my mind to calm down and it becomes like meditation for me.

aaaaaand then for commission, very sorry to keep my costumer waiting >~<;;; and thank u  for being patient with me. m( _ _ )m
until i can clean up my 'mess' i have to close my commission for awhile. hopefully soon i can open for commission again ^^;


I'm a Multitasker
I love Cats
I love Yuri & Shoujo Ai

You can find me on:


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were do you live in?
Alba-Scott 3 days ago  New member
I love all your art so much! You're SO good :)
hi4to6 Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I really love your art!  It's really awesome!  ouo
(2 Replies)
THE-SOUXNOA-SISTERS Feb 10, 2014   General Artist
hey there !!! ^^ i love all your art thatz amazing how you can catch the charakters and emotions and all the things good jop !!! 

ps: have u see the couple of venice ?? lara and ani <3 just love them 
(1 Reply)
Sacchim Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, nice art you've got here!! ;v; Your style is quite lovely uvu

Eheh you're amazing okay - never stop being awesome!! >v<
(1 Reply)
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